Fun Improv & Acting courses in English

You don’t need previous experience. We don’t do castings. We welcome everyone who wants to learn how to act, improvise, communicate better and be more creative!

Unleash your inner actor with Act Attack

We are an international theater community that offers fun improv and acting courses in English. Mainly, we see theater as a tool for personal development.

It was created by theater lover George Rigo to provide a supportive environment for people to tap into their creative and confident selves while having fun and meeting new people.

✨ We are a place to learn, have fun and build a community of like-minded people.

✨ You don’t need previous experience. We don’t do castings.

✨ We welcome everyone who loves theater and laughter.

👉 We also cater to businesses, offering fun team-building activities.

Community Love

So excited to have been part of this class! Beautiful people and an adorable teacher. Learning acting while having so much fun and leaving the class so energised is something that I absolutely love. Till now I have been a vicious thief, a romantic Disney princess, an iconic Hollywood star and many more. Let's see what comes next.. Can't wait!
Marina Frangkopoulou
Isaac is an exquisite story artist! Ever excited, like a mad scientist, to teach you how to experiment with characters and emotions to create a unique story! His classes, whether writing or improv, are open fields for imagination to run wild without getting lost.
Ahmed Omar
Marcela is pure light! Her improv classes are making me connect with my inner child and emotions, being present and play with other people from all over the world. The space we have created there is magic and its hilarious to see how quick and genuine people can be when we let go a bit of our rational adult mindset for a moment. I'm always excited for the next class! 🖤
Maria Gonzalez
For me it‘s quite a challenge to get out of my comfort zone and speak and perform in front of people, but I really enjoy Jen’s acting classes. She manages to create a safe space, where everyone is encouraged to have fun and express themselves. She makes it so easy to let go of irrational fears and just be in the moment and learn and grow.
Ozlem Bettal
Physical Improv allowed me to realise that I no longer need a limiting belief I used to have which had kept me from fully expressing myself, and that now I have got rid of it. Through this technique, I was allowed to freely express myself through movement, and to open up my wings!
Ariadni Evangeliou Rachioti
Starting an acting course for the first time in my life and having Ilaria as a teacher was a great combo. She is so passionate about what she does and great on making people feel comfortable. Last but not least, her lessons were also always fun :-)
Maria Giovanna Argiolas
For the last two months, I was a part of Grazyna’s “Yes and Improve” class. Grazyna creates an amazing atmosphere in which everyone feels valued and encouraged to experiment with the art of improv theatre. Everyone in the group came out of their shell incredibly quickly and we had one hilarious session after another.
Neil Granzow

What is Acting

Acting is a captivating journey into the world of storytelling, where actors interpret and portray characters in scripted plays and films. It involves memorizing lines, exploring physicality, and conveying characters' emotions authentically.

Acting allows individuals to connect deeply with diverse human experiences and offers a rewarding artistic adventure, whether you're a seasoned performer or a beginner.

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What is Improv

Improv is all about spontaneous creativity and stepping out of your comfort zone. In this unscripted process, participants create scenes on the spot, responding to prompts from the audience or fellow performers. It's a fun, unpredictable journey that fosters camaraderie and laughter.

Improv helps you connect authentically with others, be more creative, and tap into your inner spontaneity and playfulness.

Release your super-hero, have fun and be part of our creative community

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