About us

George (Act Attack founder) is making an expression of surprise

“Improv and Acting are for everyone"

Act Attack started with George Rigo. George was a shy teenager, who became more self-confident and creative through theater.

In 2017, when in Amsterdam, he decided to go on a life-long mission: to share the transformative power of theater with others. That's why he founded Act Attack. Since then, Act Attack has expanded beyond its home-base, and nowadays, it offers courses also in Athens, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin and many more.

Act Attack aim is to make a real impact on people’s lives. That's why George offers high quality courses at competitive prices.

Act Attack is for everyone!

Our leading principles

Express your true self

Our theater school is focused on boosting your personal development and growth.

We use fun exercises to help you tap into your creative self, and become a more confident, magnetic and persuasive speaker.

You will learn to be more of who you are. To express your self freely and fully, while shining on a stage or in a front of an audience.

InterAct with other

Learning acting and improv means learning to better connect and communicate with others.

Learning to act onstage teaches you how to better interact with others also off-stage and gives you the skills to hone your talent, whatever your larger goals may be!

Have fun!

We believe that theater and laughter bring people together. Our theater school is fun.

You will laugh a lot, meet new wonderful people, and become part of our international community.

Join our community of theater lovers!

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We believe that theater and laughter bring people together.

Join us and meet wonderful people, have a good time, and become part of our international community of theatre lovers. We enjoy hanging out for drinks, doing activities, go to retreats, theatre and comedy shows.