Fun team building activities in Brno

Empower your team through theater

Act Attack offers English-speaking and fun team-building activities for businesses in Brno. Our experienced teachers have an enormous knowledge and library of exercises for every person's type and background. 

In this acting-based team-building experience, your team will work together to create original theatrical scenarios without any script. After the fun and warming-up exercises, we’ll kick off by building the core skills that allow creative ideas to flourish. 

Through a series of acting games and exercises involving word-play, body language, and group storytelling, the team will be put through their creative power and enjoy bonding on an entirely new level.

You tell us your goal, we help you achieve it!


The focus can vary from creativity, communication, belonging, mindfulness and so on. You choose!
The format and the timetable are fully customizable, and we can adjust to your company size.
Prices depend on the number of workshops, participants and teachers required and do not include the costs of the location, as these vary greatly depending on your specific needs.

Benefits of building teams with us

Free up skills such as adaptivity and creativity
Improve communication and public speaking
Boost motivation and enhance team thinking
Promote inclusion and belonging

Key take aways

Communication lies beyond words.

Our team building activities requires heightened listening skills, efficiency, trust and vulnerability, innovative thinking, fast-paced decision-making, and a positive attitude – all skills with direct relevance for the workplace. All of this with a huge dose of LAUGH and FUN!  

We also help your team relax and focus on the generation of collaborative ideas, thinking out of the box and decision-making.

Previous clients include

Act attack provided a unique workshop for our team! For many of our members improv was something new. We realised that through improv and acting games, our team could improve the way they communicate. Also, it was very interesting to find alternative and entertaining ways to express ourselves.

What a fun team bonding activity! Thank you Act Attack!

Nikos Nakos
Co-Founder of IamExpat Media

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