Frequent Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of an Act Attack course?

Act Attack can help you boost/activate your:

  • Confidence
  • Expression and creativity
  • Public speaking skills
  • Body awareness
  • Connection & interaction with others
  • Communication skills
  • English speaking skills (all our teachers are native or super fluent English speakers!)
  • Happiness levels!

More benefits:

  • Focused and fun curricula from our experienced & motivating teachers
  • Personal & group feedback
  • Classes of 12 people max
  • Option to progress to the next level with a mini graduation show with your friends as audience 🎓🌟
  • Graduation certificates (upon request) & free photo & video material from the course & shows
  • Safe and multicultural environment
Should I choose Acting or Improv?

Acting and Improv theater share similarities but have distinct differences:

Acting: Structured interpretation and portrayal of a character in scripted plays or films. Actors deliver the script authentically, memorizing lines and blocking, creating a consistent portrayal. This involves exploring physicality and character voices.

Improvisation (Improv): An unstructured process creating scenes without a script. Participants step out of comfort zones, think on their feet, and tap into spontaneity. Improv actors work with minimal preparation, creating characters, dialogue, and action on the spot, often in response to suggestions. It fosters fun, laughter, and camaraderie.

Purpose: Acting teaches honest, confident physical expression, fostering a deeper connection with character emotions. Improv enhances authentic empathy, creativity, quick thinking, and playfulness.

Benefits: Both Acting and Improv enhance communication skills, boost confidence, and deepen connections with oneself and others. While both develop acting skills, they require distinct approaches and skill sets.

Do you offer Discounts?

Yes! We want to have affordable prices so everyone can benefit from theater:

  • "Early Bird'' discount: offered to a student who booked a full course in advance.
  • ''Friends'' discount: offered to a student who joined a course together with his/her friend.
  • "Loyalty'' discount: offered to a student who joined 2 or more full courses within a year.
    *Discounts are not combined.

More info in our Terms & Conditions.

What is a Trial class?

A Trial class can be taken only at the 1st class of each course (is part of the full course). It is offered to students unsure about Acting or Improv, allowing them to try before committing. Booking the full course after your trial is subject to availability, as spots are limited and priority is given to those who booked the full course in advance.

What happens if I miss a class or two?

Students are expected to attend at least 80% of each course/package (so if the course has 8 classes, you can miss max 2 classes of the course/package you booked). Regular attendance & engagement significantly boosts the group dynamics & energy as well as provides the students with increased opportunities to partake in pair- and group activities. It is beneficial for a student to commit to the majority of the lessons in a course to ensure his/her personal & the group´s growth, also because each succeeding lesson will build on the skills and activities of the previous lesson.
Refunds, Amendments & Credits for 1 or 2 missed classes: Students can withdraw or cancel their booking for any reason at least 3-4 weeks before the group/private course starts. No amendments, credits, or compensations are provided for missing 1 or 2 classes. A small discount or special price might be offered based on availability. You can also invite a friend to join the class you will miss (depends on the course).

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