Frequent Asked Questions

What happens if I miss 1 or 2 classes?

We understand that work and personal life are different for everyone and can be challenging to commit fully.

Each student must attend at least 70% of each course (either 5/7, 6/8, or 7/9 classes). Regular attendance will ensure a positive group dynamic as well as provide the student with increased opportunities to partake in pair- and group activities.

It is beneficial for a student to commit to attending the majority of the lessons in a course to ensure his/her personal growth. Each lesson will build on the skills and activities of the previous lesson. If a student is absent or late in more than 2 group classes per course without a valid notice, then unfortunately he/she/they will not be eligible to continue the course, as this can significantly affect the balance and the dynamics of the group.

Refunds / Credits for missed classes

We sell packages of 5-6-7-8 classes only, so you can either pay for 1 trial or the full course/package. However, we sometimes do exceptions (only depending on availability) and can give you a discount on the full course if you know in advance that you will miss some classes! 🙂
If you want to learn more about our course's terms & conditions click here.

Should I choose acting or improv?

We believe it’s important to know what are the main differences between Acting and Improv Theater:

1. Acting teaches you how to express yourself honestly and confidently in many different situations and roles. Improv teaches you how to be yourself and tap into spontaneity.
2. Improv helps you to connect with others, while Acting helps you connect with your emotions and thoughts in the way you express yourself physically.

Both Acting and Improv can boost your confidence, improve your listening and communication skills, and level up your ability to actively and openly communicate with the world around you.

Do you offer discounts?

Our goal is to always offer affordable courses so everyone can benefit from theater.

We also offer the following discounts:

"Loyalty" discount

This is the discount given to students who completed 2 or more courses, for example, 1 beginner + 1 intermediate course or 2 different beginner courses. If you completed 3 or more courses, besides the loyalty discount you'll also receive a special gift! Send us a message to get to know the discount for your city.

"Bring a friend” discount

This discount is given to a student who booked & completed a course and recommends us to a friend who also books a course. The amount of the discount can be between 10 and 15 euros depending on the season, the city and the course.

Note that discounts cannot be combined.

What are the benefits of an Act Attack course?
We can help you boost your:
  • Confidence
  • Expression and creativity
  • Public speaking skills
  • Body awareness
  • Connection & interaction with others
  • Communication skills
  • English speaking skills
  • Happiness levels!