ABCs of Acting in English: Yes And Act! (Beginners)

”God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” – William Shakespeare


In this fun acting course with our inspiring teacher, you will learn how to warm-up the basic tools of an actor: your body and your voice. Through a series of different techniques and games you will explore your creativity and work on a monologue of your choice. You will learn how to unlock the meanings behind the words and how study a character. You will also learn or brush up on your acting terminology such as “objective”, “blocking”, “tactics”, and more! This high energy course will help you improve with your public speaking skills and gain self confidence while at the same time having a lot of fun!

1 TRIAL CLASS (1.5 hours): 20 EUR*
*Price of the trial will be deducted, if you choose to book one of the below options after your trial & only if there is availability (spots are limited and priority is given to students who booked a package in advance)
5 CLASSES (7.5 hours): 100 EUR
6 CLASSES (9 hours): 115 EUR (incl. 5 EUR discount)
7 CLASSES (10.5 hours): 130 EUR (incl. 10 EUR discount + Free Certificate of Participation)
8 CLASSES (12 hours): 140 EUR (incl. 20 EUR discount + Free Certificate of Participation)

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Practical Information

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