Physical Improv in English: Yes And Move! (Beginners)

‘’I’m not interested in how people move; I’m interested in what makes them move’’ – Pina Bausch


This course is uniquely designed to combine the principles of Improvisational Theater and Physical Theater, adapted to the needs of each group. Everyone explores their own kinesiology (with the use of certain drills/exercises) and you move, you dance, you play, you interact with music and your surroundings (with or without using words). Bond with the team through fun games and learn how to perform as an ensemble.

The goal of this class is to let you be YOU on stage and for you to discover the performer you enjoy, while being in the present moment, and releasing any thoughts that prevent you from being the most authentic version of yourself. Let’s be free to express, discover our beautiful potential, connect authentically, have lots of fun, and improvise. Let’s get Physical!

This journey will lead us to a performance (optional!), depending on the dynamics & the preferences of each group. A performance that we will both direct and perform! A performance which will be the take out of our connectedness with ourselves, the others and the surrounding, as atmospheric and authentic as it gets. Come as you are, it’s beautiful!

1 TRIAL CLASS (2 hours): 25 EUR*
*Price of the trial will be deducted, if you choose to book one of the below options after your trial & only if there is availability (spots are limited and priority is given to students who booked a package in advance)

5 CLASSES (10 hours): 125 EUR
6 CLASSES (12 hours): 145 EUR (incl. 5 EUR discount)
7 CLASSES (14 hours): 160 EUR (incl. 15 EUR discount + Free Certificate of Participation)
8 CLASSES (16 hours): 175 EUR (incl. 25 EUR discount + Free Certificate of Participation)

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