Acting & Improv in English: Act & Fun! with Debra (Beginners)

“Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.” – Meryl Streep


During this 8-week Acting & Improv course for beginners, our teacher Bibi (click to see profile) will introduce you to the world of Improvisation and acting in a fun, entertaining and amusing way. During her classes you will discover how to express your emotions and inner feelings through your body language and how to make the most of the power of your voice. Moreover you’ll create theatrical scene and experience them working with a partner or with a larger group, learning how to create and define a character. Voice training, scenic presence, body language, theatrical exchange between partners, emotional expression, this are the pillars of this course.

Through the combo of all this aspects you will have the freedom to express yourself in a theatrical environment, interact with other people that have your same passion, learn how to communicate and deal with emotions, and mostly… have FUN and discover new sides of your personality, overcoming fear embarrassment and shyness. 

*Price of the trial will be deducted, if you choose to book one of the below options after your trial & only if there is availability (spots are limited and priority is given to students who booked a package in advance)5 CLASSES: 125 EUR
6 CLASSES: 145 EUR (incl. 5 EUR discount)
7 CLASSES: 165 EUR (incl. 10 EUR discount + Free Certificate of Participation)
8 CLASSES: 185 EUR (incl. 15 EUR discount + Free Certificate of Participation)

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