Theatre and Support in the Time of Coronavirus

Dear Act Attack community,

As you know, all our face-to-face theatre courses and shows are postponed until the government allows again cultural activities. However, we keep planning new offline courses for 2021 and as always we keep our online classes, to keep you creative & motivated during these challenging times. Theater is and will always be in our hearts, but there is nothing more important than life, health and safety.

In this difficult period, take the opportunity to more deeply connect with yourselves and your loved ones. Realize how valuable it is to appreciate the little things & how important is to express your love to your family and friends without physically touching them, but by ”hugging” them with sweet words, smile and gratitude. 

Now, we need each other more than ever. Let’s help our communities anyway we can, even with little things. Not in theory, but in practice. Now, let’s ACT. To make your staycation more pleasant, we carefully selected a series of links that you may find useful, practical or entertaining.

I carefully selected some links you might find useful:

 1. News in English

2. Volunteer Help for the Elderly and People in Need

3. Music and Radios

Relaxing music from Act Attack’s Spotify: 

If you want to listen to mixtapes and discover new music: Casetophono

4. Free Yoga & Meditation

5. Workout

6. Cooking recipes & How to boost your immune system

7. Free online courses & Language learning

8. Free Kids Courses & Videos

 9. Free Online Books

10. Free Online Cultural Tours

11. Free Online Games

12. Motivational and Philosophical Videos

13. Storytelling Videos

14. Improv Shows and Videos

Finally, we would like to give special thanks to the following artists who were so gracious as to let us use their photos via Andrew Neel, Ben White, Elli O, Remi Walle, Stephanie Leblanc, Louis Hansel, Vadim Fomenok and Will Francis.

Feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments section – sharing is caring! Let’s stay calm and better days will come!

With love,
George – Act Attack founder